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I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in accounting. I then went to work for the largest regional Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm here in San Diego. After working there I went back East and worked for the U.S. Government as a Federal Auditor.

Years later, I decided to come back to San Diego and went to work for the top tax accounting CPA firm in the region. While working there, I was offered a postion as a CFO for a fine dining restaurant group in which I accepted. I missed doing taxes so much I sought out a Tax Firm that needed a Tax Manager, and was hired. At that time I also became an AM radio talk show host and discussed Taxes every morning from 7-9. I began getting clients from the radio show and was asked why I did not have my own Tax Accounting firm. Rundlett & Associates was then born.

I have been doing taxes for over a decade now, and love helping people make money and save money.

Maximize what is coming in, and Minimize what is going out

Regina - San Diego, CA: “If you need certified tax preparation, planning, accounting or some different strategies on your tax return let Rundlett and Associates assist you in that need. This company puts Quality into tax preparation. Rundlett and Associates enabled me to get more money back from the IRS than what I would've received from my turbo tax days. It was nice to have a professional look at all my options and walk me through what I was missing when doing my own tax return. I thought I knew what it took to do a tax return... boy was I wrong!”

Rebecca - Carlsbad, CA: “David genuinely wants to help you save your money. The large tax companies I was going to in the past, can't hold a candle to what David can do. Who thought that it took more than just plugging in the numbers? Which is what I was doing and those other companies did too. Thats why there are professionals. It brings new meaning to ‘To Get What You Want, STOP Doing What Isn't Working’ ...I feel better equipped. Thank you.”

Connie - Oceanside, CA: “I missed out on many of the new tax deductions and credits that were available to me. I was not aware that the tax laws were changing so much and that I was a candidate to receive those credits and deductions. David was personable, honest, helpful and thorough. He is incredibly ethical because he doesn't want anyone to be subject to the IRS backlash. I didn't realize that by me doing my own return I could be putting myself at risk for an audit. That is something that I would not know how to combat on my own or have the money to handle. I had the impression that taxes were easier with all the software out there, yet the software proved to not include the credits and deductions available and level of creativity that it took to make my return work for me and my future. Thank you so much. I feel such a relief to have the best tax service on my side.”

Shaun - Carlsbad, CA: “David is very knowledgeable. He definitely knows tax. He saved me $35,000 that I did not know was in my tax return. Your creativity and clever approach certainly made a difference. See you next year. Thanks again.”

Matt - Vista, CA: “Rundlett & Associates showed me that tax return preparation is an art and is more difficult than I have ever imagined. They don't just do taxes, they do business development, planning, and accounting too. One of the partners, David Rundlett worked with me one on one and helped me save a ton of money on my taxes and start my own business. I'm not an employee anymore and it is wonderful! He even knows about stocks and investments. I live in Carlsbad and tax return preparation is not one of my skills. I have been preparing my taxes for years with Turbo Tax and found out within minutes of David reviewing my tax return that I was giving away my money to the IRS. He even wrote a letter for me when I got a notice from the IRS. The letter was asking for a reduction of taxes based on criteria I had never even heard of. Months later I got a deposit in my bank account from the IRS. I have referred my Mom, my Girlfriend, and a few of my buddies to them. They did free tax return reviews for everyone I referred and found something each time... I couldn't believe it. I recommend David Rundlett at Rundlett & Associates to everyone.”

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Tom - San Diego, CA: “My CPA forgot to input my cost-basis. I was faced with a huge tax bill. David amended my return and eliminated my tax bill. I have hired David to handle my taxes from here on out. Many thanks.”